Custom Family Portraits in Watercolor

watercolor portrait of pittsburgh family playing together in storytelling style, painted by jared cullum

This past Father’s Day I gave my husband my most favorite gift ever… a custom watercolor portrait by Pittsburgh artist Jared Cullum.

It is BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE and tells the story of our life right now PERFECTLY!!!!!!

Custom art………. a million times better than a fancy tie. You should totally look into it.

(I bring this up partly because Jared just released a new graphic novel (below) that our kids ADORE, and I felt the need to spread the word… not just because he is incredibly talented, but because he is a local Pittsburgh artist/author, and I’d rather shop local than at Walmart any day… Wouldn’t you??)

For the record, I do know Jared personally… I studied under him in a plein air watercolor class at Sweetwater Center for the Arts last year. Watching him work is mesmerizing… to see his talent in action is really to respect the value of what he does. Jared teaches online as well and has lots of free content in his painting youtube channel if you are interested in watercolor painting.

PSSST… Stick around for more content like this!