mom snuggling with little boy

Me, too. It all goes TOO QUICKLY.

There are YEARS of my oldest son's life I don't really remember. I was there, it was hard, I gave SO MUCH of myself, and yet it all seems hazy to me. 

Being a parent is EXHAUSTING.  

And somehow now he is 8 and holes up in the couch cushions with a book, instead of peering curiously behind my back while I use the toilet. And there's a small part of me that misses my lack of latrine privacy. 

(a veeerry small part)

The truth is I lost myself a little in those early years. And I was too busy dealing with the overwhelm, to really appreciate just how special that time with my little man was. And now my boy is halfway to college and I'm panicking a little. 

We take care to record the milestones- the births, marriages, and holidays. Yet 99% of our lives is wrapped up in the in-between, the day-to-day routine. And THAT'S where our memories are. 

My son's early story is told in the photos I have of that time. Pictures of me shaking my finger at him, holding his hand, nursing him. These photographs hand me my memories, and I am grateful. 

Tomorrow, all we will have is our memories.

from lindsay.

"These photos are EVERYTHING. Pamela, you somehow managed to create a little time capsule of everyone as they are right now, which is so unique and special. So, thank you SO MUCH for spending the day with us and capturing what things are really like over here, thank you for making things so easy, and thank you for getting my husband to admit that having family photos was 'actually fun'!"

kids looking at family photos

Pictures make memories.

Just as a smell or a song will bring back a memory, so will a photograph.  

REAL LIFE sessions are documentary photo sessions that tell the story of A Day in Your Life at THIS point in time. I photograph your daily life without posing you, finding art in the seemingly mundane. 

Each photograph holds part of your story. Together they are a glimpse into your life.  

Looking through these photographs will bring you right back to that moment. And it will bring your kids SUCH JOY to look through photos of you taking care of them.

And YES of course we can do posed pictures in your photo session, too- at no additional cost! Best of both worlds. :)

low stress photo sessions

No bribing kids to smile. 

No planning special outfits. 

Just hang out. You do your usual you. 


Let's make pictures that remind you- and your kids- how it REALLY felt! 

relaxed and candid family picture everybody laughing together

Interested in getting family pictures?

Receive my free REAL LIFE magazine- it helps you prepare for your session and includes rates.

(And YES we can do pictures of everybody looking at the camera, too! Contact me for info!)

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