A Keepsake Film: Pancake Social

little girl makes pancakes with her dad

My husband chronicles my kids’ growing up with short interviews a couple of times a year, as they devour homemade pancakes and ramble on about their favorite toy or game at the moment. He films the kids on his phone and calls it “Pancake Social.”

This spring my daughter Maya joined him in cooking up the pancakes. She enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to start her own restaurant and name it “Pancake Social.”

Such a powerful memory, I had to encapsulate it in a short keepsake film…

Some stories are better told with film, the sounds of small voices adding another dimension to the experience. And KIDS LOVE FILM! Mine are forever asking to watch this film about our family walks out to one of our favorite parks here in Pittsburgh.

I do offer keepsake films like this one, for families who are looking for a unique way to journal their lives right now. It’s a unique way to document something special about your family, while your kids are still young. BONUS: When you hire me to film your family, I will also include a short portrait session complimentarily!

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