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in-person workshop

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all in-person workshops have been indefinitely put on hold. 

Please reach out to be notified when the workshops resume.

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FREE PDF guide!

Do you love taking pictures of your kids, but you want to improve the quality of those images? 

This FREE PDF Guide walks you through the 3 common mistakes that parents commonly make when photographing their kids, and how to fix them. 

Download now and you will receive bonus tips and tricks for budding photographers!

1:1 mentoring

You bought a fancy camera and are excited to take great pictures... But you can barely find the time to figure out how to use it! This is where I come in...

I offer in-person and skype-based mentoring, talking you through:

* how to use your camera
* elements of exposure and techniques
* tips specific to photographing people, young and old
* non-technical ways to improve your pictures
* which camera/lenses are best for your needs
* how to edit & store your photos

I typically recommend at least 1 hour in person before you move to phone- if you choose to do so.

In-person Mentoring $110/hr
Skype/phone-based Mentoring $70/hr

I am happy to customize your learning to your needs. Let's talk about where you want to start! 

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make it easy!

I offer 1:1 mentoring as well as workshops. Contact me for more information!

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