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Out of the box, laid back, and FUN family photography!

Family photos do NOT have to be stressful. 

Remember, pictures are meant to capture the story of who we are in that moment in time. Do YOUR kids line up with perfect smiles when you pull out the camera, time after time? Mine surely don't. 

The chaos is BEAUTIFUL. Embrace it- I do- and the session will be fun!

We're looking for TRUTH here, not perfection. So no need to stiffen up for formal pictures. Let's play a little! 


Let's capture the unique ways that you share love with each other.

from Jenna.

"If you want beautiful family photos that capture the personality of your family, then I highly recommend Pamela. Our family had fun during our mini session with her and it showed in our photos! No fake or forced smiles here and we never felt rushed or awkward. She took time beforehand to ask what my kids liked and what would make them feel more comfortable and then played music during our shoot, too! My son was grumpy at first, and somehow, in the end, we have amazing photos of him laughing and smiling.

What makes Pamela so special, though, is that we also have photos of the rest of family trying to comfort him with sweet snuggles and quiet whispers of encouragement.   She truly has an eye for capturing those special little moments and connections between people that could so easily go unnoticed.  I’m so grateful that Pamela shares her talent and would recommend her to anyone!"

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stress-free pictures?? i’m in!

Every one of my family photo sessions includes real life coverage along with fun relaxed portraits! Get dressed up and have some fun making playful photos. :)

The directed portion of your session is short (max 30 mins) because kids have a short attention span. This is pretty much all they'll give us before we reach meltdown or wild & crazy! 

Usually families choose to do portraits in their backyard, but we can also head to a local park that your family loves to visit. The important thing is that everyone is comfortable and used to the location. 

Learn more via the contact form below- and I am happy to send over my client magazine with more details and rates. 

ALSO... Periodically I offer mini sessions for families throughout the year. Make sure you're on my VIP email list so you're the first to know when these are released!

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