10 Unique gifts for the Photographer in your family!

Read on for 10 unique gifts for photographers, in a list for family members who want to surprise their favorite photographer with thoughtful photography-themed holiday gifts…

10 unique gifts for the photographer in your family

I’ve gotten quite a number of photography-themed gifts over the past 20+ years, both playful and practical. I love when friends and family put extra thought into my gift!

Most families have that one person who takes all the pictures (you know if this is you!)… these 10 gift suggestions are great options for creative gifts for the photographer in your family!

So read on to explore 10 creative gift ideas for the photographer you love…

1. Warm, fingerless gloves

We don’t stop taking pictures in the winter! Here in Pittsburgh, weather doesn’t always cooperate… so it’s nice to have gloves that keep our hands warm while still allowing us to manipulate the camera controls.

If your photographer friend mainly uses his/her cell phone, try picking up some gloves that are smartphone friendly!

2. Camera coffee mug

coffee mug that looks like a camera lens (canon 24-105)

This one is classic. Love it when people look twice as I take a sip of coffee in this lens lookalike mug!

3. Lenspen

lenspen original, new in packaging

A compact lens cleaner shaped like a pen, with no liquid… Not as fun as funky camera socks, but I’m including it in this list because it’s so cheap and makes a great stocking stuffer!

4. Camera scarf strap

camera scarf strap, with vibrant pattern in neutral blue tones

Personalize your camera with a fun new strap! Ditch the default strap that is a walking advertisement for Canon/Fuji/Nikon/Sony, and put on a custom one. I prefer the scarf straps because they are incredibly comfortable on my shoulders, but there are lots of more traditional straps in fun patterns or neutral colors as well.

5. Digital photo frame

digital photo frame by nix

Seems obvious, but still very much appreciated. Sometimes we get so used to seeing our photos on the computer, that we forget to print and display them! The digital photo frame is a great option for someone who would enjoy seeing a slideshow of their favorite images playing- AND it’s great for tabletop display, leaving your walls free for the bigger prints.

6. Waterproof phone case

soft waterproof phone protective case

Use your phone for family photos? You need one of these for rainy days, beach vacations, waterparks, or just playing in the sprinkler! They WORK!

7. Post-it dispenser modeled like a camera

post-it note dispenser modeled like a camera

If your photographer friend is anything like me, she’s a post-it note junkie. I’m forever writing down notes everywhere! Why not make the experience more fun with a camera post-it dispenser. So cute!

8. Fun camera socks

colorful and fun camera socks

There are an endless number of designs for funky camera socks! Why stop at socks, either? Grab a fun t-shirt from Etsy while you’re at it.

9. A fantastic photo book

women of vision photo book printed by national geographic

One of my all-time favorite photo books is Women of Vision, by National Geographic. I was privileged to meet the photographers in person and was blown away by their insight and ambition. Such talent, so much respect. But there are thousands of other quality photo books out there that are just as worthy of your purchase… check out this list which includes some other of my favorites.

OR if you want to think outside the box, consider supporting a contemporary photographer self-publishing his/her first book, in a Kickstarter campaign. There are some great deals there and lots of young talent. And you’re supporting the arts from the ground up!

10. Gift certificate to get the photographer IN the pictures!

nursing mom laughing and playing with big brother

This, of course, is my favorite gift!! Give your photographer friend the gift of being in the pictures herself/himself… As the person who is taking all the pictures in my family, I place IMMEASURABLE VALUE on photos that include me taking loving care of my kids! I know your photographer friend will, as well.

If you’re in PA/OH/WV, please reach out. I offer gift certificates and would love to chat with you… It’s my personal mission to get all of the photographers in the pictures!

(and PSSSSS, I’ll be offering a Black Friday promotion in 2019… get on my VIP email list so you’re the first to know!)

These gift suggestions are great for those who are trying to surprise the photographer in their family with some thoughtful, unique photography-themed gifts. And most of these are very affordable, too!

If you’re a photographer, tell me what you would add to the list!

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