The F. Family | Highland Park

little girl in pink dress jumping and hanging on her parents' arms, walking down their city sidewalk

Little C. is the perfect combination of sweetness and spunk! I just loved hanging out with this bright little girl on her FIFTH birthday. Her parents are very blessed.

We lucked out with a pretty warm November morning, perfect for exploring the streets of Highland Park (and dancing down the sidewalks to Miss C’s favorite Disney songs!). After making pancakes and playing music- both activities that this family loves to do together!- we headed for a walk to the park.

Guys, this session was only two hours. It’s AMAZING what you can fit into only a 2 hour session!

Enjoy a handful of my favorites from my morning with the F. family below…

I LOVE the video format but if you prefer having control to flip through the images, here are my favorite 30 or so photos from their session in the gallery below…

Jessica contacted me this Spring about a Real Life photography session for her family. She was super excited about documentary photography and 100% on board with an unposed photo session- I was pretty pumped! We did end up doing some lightly posed photos as well, because the opportunity organically presented itself during their session. And the results were really fantastic, likely because little Mom/Dad/little C. were completely relaxed at that point. I can’t say enough how much I love how low stress these photo sessions are. It really is more like hanging out with friends than doing a photo session!

Even if the weather isn’t as perfect it was for this family’s Highland Park photo session, there are dozens of activities that could entertain us… and of course playing in the rain makes for some pretty amazing photos, too! We can finger paint, bake cookies, hit up the grocery store, go ice skating… or just bring me along for your annual trip to the Christmas tree farm! The possibilities are endless. I really love that I ended up joining the F. family on their daughter’s birthday, because it was extra special to commemorate the occasion with some professional day-in-the-life photos, BUT the most boring days are equally as interesting to photograph. Truly. Because I am looking for the in-between moments more so than the actual activities… the hugs and helping and hand holding and snuggling. THESE are the moments that make real life so special, and the ones you bring me in to capture forever.

Let’s talk about some activities that would be fun for YOUR family!

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