Corporate Branding Photography in Pittsburgh: Your Friendly Kreative

Corporate Branding Photographer in Pittsburgh Pamela Anticole works with Your Friendly Kreative

artist branding headshot with colorful background

I was super excited when Kelly of Your Friendly Kreative reached out to me about a branding photography session in Pittsburgh. Especially when she mentioned using the colorful Strip District steps and maybe tossing some paint around???

When corporate clients or small businesses ask about custom photos for their website and marketing materials, we brainstorm together how best to bring their vision to life using photography. In Kelly’s case, she doesn’t have a publicly accessible office… AND as her company is new, her working studio wasn’t ready for lifestyle pictures of her at work in her office. So we focused on bringing personality to headshots, while incorporating props that she typically uses such as paints, sketchbook, laptop, and of course everyone’s must have: her coffee mug. 😆

woman laughing with her hair blowing in the wind in front of a colorful mural

The Strip District was a natural place to start for an artist like Kelly. It’s raw and approachable and colorful and fun… As Kelly is a graphic designer and wanted to showcase her fun loving nature along with her creative side, it was perfect!

So we started her session in front of the a beautiful mural in the Strip District, warming up with some fun candids with lots of movement and silly prompts.

woman in black tank top shakes her hair back and forth laughing, standing in front of a colorful mural

Not far from the mural is the Strip District Terminal, which features lots of colorful paint and retro styled colorful murals. We loved the bright furniture outside!

woman sits on green couch surrounded by retro themed colorful mural wall, drawing in a sketchbook and acting silly

Kelly specifically chose the Strip District Terminal because of these brightly colored stairs outside… they work really well with her branding colors, and were a great fit for her style. I think her clothing selection of a white pantsuit was perfect, to offset the colorful background.

woman in white pantsuit sits at her laptop on colorful steps, smiling and looking away

When setting up her branding photography session, Kelly specifically had this next image in mind, of her surrounded by her art tools (sketchbook, paintbrushes, canvas, etc)… and I am so excited that we were able to deliver so perfectly!

I was super impressed at how open she was to laying herself down on the ground for this shot, all in the name of art…. BUT I shouldn’t have been surprised… read on to see what other crazy things we accomplished!

woman lies on colorful painted ground surrounded by paintbrushes, canvas, and sketchpad

Our final stop during her branding photography session was in the South Side, at the Color Park! This park is a graffiti friendly paradise full of every color imaginable, with a view of the Pittsburgh skyline from the shore. It screams creative and urban and fun and we NEEDED to do at least part of her shoot there!

artist wearing paintbrushes in her hair walks along a colorful wall in front of the city skyline

(Luckily Kelly had some experience in putting up her hair this way thru dance, because it was SUPER helpful in getting those paintbrushes to stay in place!)

We got several photos using the blank canvas, so that she could put the images to use at a later date, photoshopping some of her branding info onto the canvas.

artist with paintbrushes in her hair stands in front of colorful graffiti wall and peeks out behind a white canvas

Finally (the grand finale!) we got to toss some paint!!

woman wearing white pantsuit with paint being thrown on her

Despite a rocky start, we managed to get Kelly covered in paint (and maybe a little in her nose, as well 🤣). It was a ton of fun!

girl sits on colorful graffiti wall smiling and covered in paint

Once she was covered, of course it was time to pull out the smoke bombs… because there’s never too much color!!

artist is covered and paint surrounded by colorful smoke bombs

You can view a lot more of the fun photos we created during this unique branding photography session in the gallery below…

Branding photography sessions are perfect for new or established small businesses who are looking to update their website content and/or marketing materials. I keep it simple, charging one flat hourly rate that includes unlimited usage of the images that we create together. I strongly believe that successful branding photography sessions rely on strong collaboration between the commercial photographer (ME!) and my clients, and am happy to take time to talk through your marketing goals for the session and how we can best achieve those using photography.

Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can brainstorm ideas that work for your own branding photos!

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