Online Photography Exhibit “Transforming Perspectives” wraps this week!

The online exhibition has been a huge success!!! If you haven’t yet had time to check it out, you should definitely do so before it wraps up this week… and learn more about it at my earlier blog post, where I pat myself on the back a bit 😉 and give the backstory behind my accepted photographs.

The People’s Choice Award will be announced this Friday April 30. This award is given to the photographer whose image received the most votes throughout the month of April. I encourage you to check out the gallery and vote for your own favorite picture! I would not be insulted AT ALL if you picked one of mine. 😉 Thursday is the last day that you can vote for your favorite images, for consideration for the People’s Choice award.

Below are my images that were selected by juror Tiffanie Graham (New York Times editor) for inclusion in the exhibit.

little girl and bald man sit in the window at sunset, framed by the windowpane, wearing birthday party hats and masks

candid environmental portrait of sad looking woman in a room full of boxes with no decor on the wall

You can read more about the story behind these pictures, as well as all the other ones, in the online gallery! I would recommend you check out the exhibition in its gallery format first, then visit the link to vote. 

  1. You can see the exhibition here in gallery format. I suggest you hit “Start Guided Tour” and let the system take you through the gallery, as it’s a bit wonky to navigate on your own. You can learn more about each image by clicking on the little “i” icon at the top right. If you’d rather scroll through the pictures at your own pace, you can easily do so here.
  2. Make sure you head to the voting page to pick your favorite image from the exhibition!


Transforming Perspectives online exhibit by the DFP is offering their exhibit catalogue for sale as a photobook

FINALLY… If you love photography and you are part of a family, then you should really see these images in print form. Luckily this option is available to you!

An exhibit catalogue is a book that brings the visual content of the exhibit (in this case, photographs) into book form, and profiles the artists & work. Basically, it is a photography book with the Transforming Perspectives collection inside, the juror’s statement, and a bit about the exhibit on the first pages. It will include all of the photographs plus the image title, year, and caption if there is one.

I bring this to your attention because 50% of the catalogue sales goes toward the DFP Scholarship Fund, which supports photographers who encounter barriers due to their race, ethnicity, culture, gender expression or identity, sexual or intersectional identity, ability, socioeconomic status, as well as other marginalized communities. I LOVE that the DFP has this commitment and I 100% want to support it.

If you feel the same (and of course you love photography!), then consider picking up a copy of the catalogue for yourself. You can do so HERE.

I maaaay be getting a copy myself. 😉

As always, THANK YOU so much for your support!


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