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mom holds laughing toddler up into the air, in front of yellow fall foliage

One of the biggest challenges of photographing families during this pandemic is keeping my hands off these adorable little kiddos!!!! At one point during Max’s session he ran up to me laughing… it looked like he was going to jump into my lap… and it was all I could do to just smile and giggle with him, keeping my hands at my side and my mask firmly up on my face!

Max is an enormously happy two year old, full of energy and curiosity and (of course!) strong opinions. This little guy was running the show, for his mama’s photo session this fall. The relaxed 2 hour session was perfect for him, knowing that we would be working on his time schedule, not ours. We started off on the swingset, but with the rain we moved inside to decorate the tree. Once the weather cleared up a bit we headed outside again for some relaxed portraits and lots of physical play with this busy little boy!

This video features my favorite photos from their short afternoon family photo session… Enjoy! <3


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Most of my clients choose to have at least part of their session at their home, but you don’t have to! I have met some clients at the park where we played on the swings and they challenged themselves to a rousing basketball match. Once I got to photograph a young family grocery shopping for part of their session! I’ve joining families at the pumpkin patch, the zoo, and on a painting party.

If your backyard feels like the best option for you, but you’re not sure how I will be able to make it look like a beautiful backdrop for pictures, don’t fret! You’d be surprised what I can do with the right lenses and lighting. I once photographed an entire bridal party in a parking garage and it looked fantastic! It’s really more about the lighting than the background, anyway. But if you’re worried, then I generally suggest to have a backup in mind. Is there a local park that you often walk to together? A clearing that is a short drive away? When I arrive at your home I can take a look at our options and we can make a decision on the spot. This is part of the reason that I allow for up to 2 hours for my family sessions! No pressure to perform on schedule and a bit more flexibility.

As for little Max’s session… If you’d rather scroll through the pictures from their session at your own pace, here you go:

I can barely believe the fall is almost over!!! I’m already starting to get excited about family photo sessions in the snow…….

Reach out to chat about how YOU can have ethereal looking pictures of your kids in the snow!

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