But what about the Coronavirus??

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Planning for an unknown future is not as exciting as it sounds, particularly when it pertains to your livelihood. I am passionate about photographing families in their homes, and in big gatherings like weddings and birthday parties. Covid-19 is not my friend.

I have decided to focus on what I CAN control. I can teach my children. I can read and write and paint and practice mindfulness. I can CREATE.

Eventually social distancing restrictions will be lifted and most people will not be talking about the pandemic every day, even as it continues to rage on. Maybe wearing a mask will start to feel normal. Maybe I will feel like more of a natural teacher to my children. (Maybe they will finally begin accepting me as one!)

I accept that my business, too, will change. I have been studying and practicing the art of photography for over 20 years, and I am NOT stopping now. It is just time to refocus a bit…

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One of the things that WON’T change is my mini session offerings. I LOVE photographing families this way, and luckily it is not difficult to continue doing this while still observing proper social distancing! I expect that as my wedding clients push their wedding dates back into 2021, more of my summer weekends will open up. A perfect opportunity to offer more mini sessions for families! I’ll be a mini session machine by the end of the summer.

Earlier this Spring I announced an April mini session date. (Surprise, April isn’t happening!) However, those minis WILL happen, as soon as it is legal and safer to do so. Currently our next planned mini session date is SATURDAY JUNE 6, with a backup date of July 11. I have spaced out the start times to avoid families running into each other. If regulations require us to reschedule, then I promise flexibility and understanding. We are all in this together. But frankly I feel pretty good about June.

Learn more about Mini Sessions here.



I have always encouraged my clients to have at least part of their family photography session at home, because that’s where our memories are. With safety as our priority, this is still an option. I plan to leave my shoes outside, wear a mask, take my temp beforehand, keep my distance, touch only my camera, and wash my hands like a crazy person. Let’s work together to determine if this is an option for you, depending on your planned activities and the size and layout of your home.

However I would encourage you to consider OTHER locations as well! We can head to the park, go hiking, or just play in your backyard. Explore lots of other options here on my blog post… The key is picking something that is important to you. And remember that even though this era of social distancing is a short blip in our lives, it will carry SO many memories. It is important to document this reality, too. This is the stuff that our grandkids will be interviewing us for school reports about!

I have relaxed my rescheduling policy to help accommodate my clients, and am happy to talk through all of the details. I want you to be ecstatic about your photos AND feel safe throughout the process.

toddler trying on underwear and laughing proudly.


This is new!!! (See, I’m not stuck in homeschooling hell ALL the time!)

I have made available gift certificates for purchase directly from my website, in increments from $50-300. You can purchase in minutes, pay online, and I will mail out your beautifully packaged certificate to whomever you like.

Photography sessions make great gifts- especially for those who already have easy access to amazon! LOL



Ok I admit I’m still figuring the rest out. Truth is I can only plan so much, because the future is so uncertain. I am in touch with my wedding and newborn clients and will post any general updates as soon as I have them.


I care deeply about all of my clients! Do stay close – we could all use more friends right now! Sending you lots of love and peace in this crazy time <3


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