Family Activity on Film: Gingerbread Houses!

toddler boy carefully puts candy on a gingerbread house he is making

Every year my husband buys these gingerbread house kits for the kids, and every year I DREAD getting them out. Call me a scrooge, but there are a zillion other art projects that I’d rather have my kids engage in. And that won’t put them on a sugar high!

Still, this year was different- because it was Jude’s FIRST time experiencing the awe and wonder of constructing a gingerbread house. And gummy bears. and the sugariest icing ever. Sense the sarcasm?

For real, though. He was not remotely interested… until the sugar came out. This kid is too adorable for words.


Film is special because of those sweet little voices. They grow up too quickly… and before I know it my little Jude’s voice will be deepening and cracking and I’ll barely recognize my little man anymore.

What does YOUR family do together? What activities are special and worthy of memorializing?