Got my session gallery. Now what?

mom runs while holding toddler, hair blowing in the wind and smile across her face.

Once I am finished editing the photos from your session with me, you will receive a link to your online gallery. Just click on the link, enter in your email address, and you are good to go!

I LOVE using Shootproof’s online gallery system, because YOUR experience accessing your galleries and placing orders is both beautiful and straightforward. Still, I want to make your experience with me as seamless as possible… so I’ve put together a video walking you through the viewing and ordering process.


This video talks you through how to access your gallery, send your photos to your friends and family, mark your favorite images, and place an order. The video also shows how to order photo packages from your gallery. When you order multiple items as part of a photo package, the total rate that you pay is discounted as compared to the a-la-carte total rate for those items.

I am happy to explain more about how packages work in person. Let’s talk about which one would work best for you!