Spring Cleaning? We’ll take your extra shoes- and get a FREE photo session while you’re at it!

I AM PLEDGING A FREE 2 HOUR PHOTO SESSION to the first family to bring me 100 pairs of gently used shoes! (Got fewer than 100? We’ll gratefully take those, too… it’s for a good cause 😉 )

My 8-yr-old son Enzo and I are heading down to Ecuador this June to volunteer and explore a new culture, and Enzo is raising funds for the trip by collecting gently used shoes. The shoes will be repurposed in developing countries, and Funds2Orgs is pledging to give Enzo 40 cents for every pound of shoes he collects, once he collects over 2500 pairs.

Enzo has been calling shops for donations, walking door to door in neighborhoods, and spreading the word amongst his friends. And I am so. very. proud. He is learning to speak clearly and confidently with adults, appreciate the value of doing something for other people, and of course developing the discipline to do it consistently.

Last week one of Enzo’s friends started canvassing his own neighborhood for shoes, too, and it made both Enzo and myself so happy. I decided why not encourage other little ones to jump on the cause? It’s FUN, too!

And THAT is why I am waiving the session fee for a 2 hour photography session, for the first family to bring Enzo and me 100 pairs of shoes. That amounts to a savings of $270+tax!

We accept shoes of any style or size (adults OR kids!), as long as they are not in poor condition. Once you collect your shoes, contact me and we will get your session scheduled! Or drop them off in one of the locations below before April 16, 2020:

Thank you so very much for your support, happy canvassing, and be sure to follow my Instagram account for updates on Enzo’s progress in my stories!

young boy holds sneaker in his hands, while standing in front of a pile of shoes that he has collected

PS Here are some canvassing tips / flier downloads for you to use…

  • Step 1: Print the fliers, highlight “We will pick up tomorrow”, and sign the Thank You card.
  • Step 2: Knock on doors and give quick explanation of what you are doing. If person isn’t home, use painters tape to stick Flier to doorknob.
  • Step 3: Come back the next afternoon and collect any shoes that were left on the porch. Leave a signed Thank You note in their place.
  • Step 4: Celebrate all the shoes you’ve collected!

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