The B. Family | Bradford Woods PA

extended family photo in front of a lake in cold weather

When your family lives far apart and we see each other so seldom, the holidays hold especially BIG memories. I remember looking forward to seeing my cousins more than getting Christmas gifts!

Lisa contacted me this fall because she wanted to commemorate Thanksgiving, with her brother’s family visiting from out of town. The boys have SO much fun together, and she wanted to capture those memories forever.

So I joined them one morning as they wrestled, walked to the pond to feed the fish, and hand-walked down the stairs. We grabbed some relaxed portraits, too, out by the pond. I really loved hanging out with these guys- the air was chilly, but we all had so much FUN!!!!

Enjoy a handful of my favorites 🙂


This family’s neighborhood of Bradfordwoods has a pond full of fish… When visiting grandma and grandpa, the kids often walk down to the pond with bread to feed the fish. It’s the perfect activity to document! When thinking about your own session, consider what you normally like to do together. Do you have dance parties in the kitchen? Build massive lego towers? Play mini golf? Or maybe you just spend way too much time at the grocery store?? Generally these common activities are where the memories are. Let’s talk through some options and figure out where your own memories lie!

BTW I prefer the video format but if you prefer having control to flip through the images, here are my favorite photos from their session in the gallery below…