Ongoing Promotion: Lock in your session rate every year!

little boy laughing and reaching for bubbles, while his sister is focused on eating a lollipop

Want some incentive to get those annual pictures that you’re always wanting to schedule?

Take advantage of my ONGOING PROMOTION: Lock in your session rate when you book annually!

YES, that means even though the session rate goes up annually, YOUR session fee will NEVER GO UP– as long as you continue to book a session every year! 

mom holding little boy and tickling him

ANYBODY is eligible for this promotion. Lock in the SAME RATE for maternity photos, birth place / newborn photos, 1 year photos, and on and on… our kids grow so quickly, most of my clients invest in a session annually, anyway.

Just book today to lock in the current session rate!

(and let me know if you want a reminder to schedule your annual session, to ensure you keep your rate!)