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twin girls in hats sit bored on a park bench waiting for the train to arrive

I think the kids might have tired of walking a bit! (Luckily we didn’t have to wait TOO long for the incline to arrive LOL)

Jeanette and Kyle chose to spend their family photo session with their twin girls in an outing around Pittsburgh. They picked the always family friendly Monongahela Incline up to Mt. Washington… we started at Station Square (which is apparently undergoing some pretty intense renovation- everything seems to be closed!), then headed up the hill to Mount Washington. We ate on the patio at Shiloh Grill and enjoyed ice cream across the street before heading back home to play with Buffy the puppy.

It was a typical day with kids, I’d say- highs and lows!- but ice cream fixes everything. 🙂 The video below shares a bunch of my favorite photos from the day…

Not enough time for a video? My top 25 or so photos are in the gallery below…

Jeanette and Kyle were surprised to learn they carried TWIN girls- but these two are as different as night and day! We talked about some of the benefits of having two at once… they just got back from a trip to New York City to see HAMILTON and my envy had me trying to figure out if I could do the same with my four (I definitely cannot). Oh, well. I’ll just wait until they’re old enough for a weekend overnight with grandparents and hubs and I can do NYC ourselves!

I photographed Jeanette and Kyle’s wedding 8 years ago and was super excited when they contacted me to do a documentary family session here in Pittsburgh. And because they have locked in my 2019 session rate, their rate will not go up for every subsequent year they book a session– as long as they keep booking annually! With annual sessions you can easily see the transition from baby to childhood to school age to adolescence. 18 summers laid out in 18 beautiful photo albums.

Curious about what that looks like for you? I am happy to share my Real Life magazine with you; just use the form below to request information and I will be in touch!

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