Out of the fog into the ice

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May you all have much peace and love in 2017.

I don’t typically make resolutions, but this new year happened to coincide with a lot of new artistic developments for me… so it seems natural to use the new year as an excuse to give myself some extra motivation.

My closest friends and family already know of my love affair with making jewelry. When I need a break from my camera (and my kids), you’ll find me in my basement studio creating wearable art. Many of my jewelry creations are inspired by nature, and lately I’ve found myself designing pieces that are directly reminiscent of individual photographs I have taken and shared. Well resolution number one is to start putting myself out there and sharing them with you. Of course that means I’ll have to start photographing them…

But about this picture here. It was photographed over a two day period. Day one, fog. Everywhere. Day two, ice. They worked together I think.

(This image and all of my fine art photography is available for sale IN MY ETSY SHOP. If there’s not already a listing for this print, LET ME KNOW and I’ll create one for you!)

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