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mom kneeling by crib reaching through the crib rungs to touch her baby's hand

Baby Lillian arrived earlier this summer, but she wasn’t *quite* ready for her newborn photo session… so we decided to hold off until she was a little older and settled into a routine. Just before she turned 3 months old I arrived at the Pittsburgh home she shared with mom, dad, pup Charlie, and her kitty friends so that we could get some pictures of that special newborn time.

I arrived just as Lillian was waking from her morning nap. This little girl could not get enough of my cameras! She was entranced. But before long she fussed for a bottle, and the rest of the session we definitely were on Lillian’s schedule. It’s a good thing I am flexible with time for newborn sessions, because babies always seem to have their own agenda! 😜 When you are preparing for your own newborn photo session, please try to keep this in mind so you aren’t surprised when your little one isn’t as cooperative as you envisioned. Remember I am happy to stick around until we get all the pictures that we need!

moody photo of a baby's nursery, with dad holding baby in a chair and mom reaching out to touch baby's head

A big benefit of waiting on your newborn session until your little one is a bit older, is that you may be blessed with some great pictures of his/her early smiles. (You can read more about when to do your own newborn session in my blog post “How to Prepare for an In Home Newborn Session”)

Lillian has a BEAUTIFUL smile and was happy to share one with her mama here in this sweet picture in her nursery!

baby girl smiling up at her mom from her lap, lit from moody window light

One of the things I am always paying attention to when photographing families and babies in their home, is that what makes your kiddo unique. It’s amazing how early your newborn’s personality will start to emerge! This little girl was clearly bright and feisty, and I LOVE it. You could just see her thoughts written all over her face.

I also love how she already showed a strong preference for one play mat vs another. At THREE MONTHS OLD! Babies are amazing.

mom and dad holding baby, touching her hands and head gently as she looks up into their eyes

I also captured some video footage of this sweet girl, to help her parents remember these days through sound and movement. Edited together, a short film is a perfect supplement to the pictures that you will have framed and hanging on the wall, and I am happy to provide one to my clients when possible. Lillian’s film is below, and I very much love how this one turned out.

(It’s only 2 minutes long; you should totally check it out!)

Meet Lillian:


And of course the pictures! You can browse through a handful of my favorite pictures from Lillian’s newborn session in the gallery below… feel free to scroll through at your own pace!

Until next time,

Pamela 💜

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