Small Weddings in Pittsburgh | 2021 is Pandemic Friendly!

Small backyard weddings might have been a reaction to the pandemic, but they are here to stay, and I am a FAN of the trend. What a great impetus to beautify our backyards! That’s what this sweet bride and groom decided to do… they transformed their small city backyard into a relaxing paradise, complete with gazebo and water feature. If you have money set aside for your wedding, anyway, then why not invest it back into your home?

bride and groom hug and smile after they are pronounced man and wife, standing in front of a gazebo in their backyard while a laptop records their ceremony

I understand wanting to have ALL your friends and family present, but there is also a benefit to keeping it small. You get to spend lots of QUALITY time with each of your guests, instead of rushing from table to table greeting and hugging as quickly as possible so you can hit the dance floor. Plus my clients have shared that they really appreciate the bonus of having people attend virtually, that they wouldn’t normally be able to include. The glass is half full?

I totally realize it’s hard to keep the positives of a small wedding in mind, though… particularly as you are juggling all the challenges of planning a pandemic wedding WHILE mourning the traditional wedding you expected to have. I am happy to talk through all the challenges you are facing, and if you’re interested, make some recommendations based on what other clients have experienced. I am an open book, and happy to chat whenever you like!

My own wedding was perfect, but that’s not because of the party… In fact my favorite memory was in the few moments after our ceremony, after we recessed and had a minute to ourselves to celebrate. I’m pretty sure that was one of the deepest, most emotional hugs I have ever experienced. WE DID IT.

bride and groom exit church holding hands and smiling, in black and white

(⬆️ That was me and my Mark back in 2010! ⬆️)

As someone who is always focused on emotions while photographing, I have seen no real change in weddings from pre-pandemic until now. THE LOVE IS ALL THERE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I would love to help you celebrate your love… Let’s chat!


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