Exploring the city of Pittsburgh with kids is FUN!

kids in front of downtown pittsburgh, along the riverfront trail on the north shore

Yesterday my kids were getting stir crazy, and I don’t blame them. I realize the week between Christmas and New Years is SUPPOSED to be lazy, but it was starting to get on our nerves. The boys couldn’t give each other enough weggies, and it was becoming painful to moderate. (BOYS!!!!) So we hit the road and drove downtown, walking from the north shore (by PNC Park) over to PPG Place…

kids play with the roberto clemente statue at pnc park in pittsburgh

We walked aimlessly, just looking for an adventure. It was so refreshing, just what we needed!!!

kids watching the geese cross the river, in front of the yellow bridges of pittsburgh

We raced each other (and other joggers!) along the North Shore Riverfront Trail and climbed to the top of a colorful art installation…

little boy peeking over the top of a bench, part of Pittsburgh's colorful art installation on the north shore riverwalk

Every time we cross the Roberto Clemente Bridge it takes a solid 15 minutes to get to the other side, mainly because my kids like to play scavenger hunt with all the love locks on the bridge. This time we practically ran across… those kids were really hoping to see the Christmas tree at PPG Plaza! I just love the way my Maya takes care of her baby brother, while the older two race to the other side. She even held his backpack for him. ❤️ Such a little mama already.

little girl holds her baby brother's hand as they cross the yellow bridge in pittsburgh

I was amazed that the tree was still up the day before New Years, and there were lots of people skating around the Rink at PPG Place (socially distanced of course!). Since we hadn’t reserved tickets to skate, we jealously watched them as we bemoaned that the Prantls Bakery had already closed. Next time will plan our timing better for those two must do activities!

kids watching people skate around the christmas tree at ppg plaza in downtown pittsburgh

As kids do, mine started complaining of empty stomachs, so we hit up Giovanni’s Pizza downtown (near the Renaissance Hotel on the river- also a great place to stop and show your kids the super cool vaulted ceiling and staircase. Mine loved that the ceiling was red and gold for the holidays). Since restaurants are currently closed to indoor seating, we danced around the restaurant (pretty sure we entertained the servers there) while we waited for our dinner to be ready… and then we scarfed the entire pizza down in the car… we couldn’t wait to drive home! It was a car picnic in the dark. ?

For the record, I’d say Giovanni’s makes the BEST PIZZA in Pittsburgh. (You should at least test it out!) Even this little guy was happy to wait…

tired little boy wearing mask, leaning against empty tables in a restaurant in pittsburgh

And somehow we managed to stop and appreciate the city lights reflected on the water (and of course all those love locks!) on our walk back to the car. Don’t worry, the pizza didn’t get cold. ?

kids look at the love locks on the roberto clemente bridge, at night, over the allegheny river in pittsburgh

You know you’re doing something right when you get home and your 9 yr old tells you that the adventure was better than iPad time!!! ❤️❤️❤️

kids snuggled together in front of the city of pittsburgh, wearing masks in winter

For me, 2020 was a year of gratitude- to my clients for their support, to my kids and husband for their adaptability, and to that damn virus for giving me extra time with my little ones. It was a year of recentering.

This new year is different, though: 2021 will be a year of ADVENTURE!! Of stepping outside the box and exploring… We bought a pop up camper and hung up a map up in the dining room and are mapping out where we visit first! We are ready to LIVE HARD and I am just so psyched.

Here’s to all that 2021 holds in store. ?

Love you guys!!!


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