The V. Family | Professional photos for Christmas… at HOME!

candid family photo in front of the fireplace at christmas time with stockings hanging behind them

This little guy was born toward the beginning of the pandemic shutdown this year and he missed out on newborn photos… so this photo session was extra special to this family! It was a very chilly day, so we did most of their pictures indoors, heading outside for a wild game of soccer and a handful of family portraits. 🙂

I was so impressed with how much these siblings were bonded, even at little L’s young age. He was so full of giggles and smiles for his big sis! It was an easy chore to hang with these four as they jumped around the house, snuggled and played, and downed some delicious donuts. Enjoy my favorite pictures from their session, in the video slideshow below…


(Music by David Hyde licensed thru CC)

I love so much when clients invite me into their lives, with an at home photography session here in Pittsburgh! It’s so special to be witness to the intimacy that a family shares in their own house. Kids are always extra comfortable in their own environment, and the length of my sessions allows for me to be flexible in when I actually pick up the camera and start shooting… which means I have time to bond with the kids first before I start playing paparazzi with them!

When I arrived at the V. home, big sis K was full of bouncy 3 year old energy, jumping from sofa to ottoman to floor with flair and ease. She was curious about my cameras and my socks and my mask, and once I started pressing the shutter on my camera, it only took her a minute or two to adjust to the idea of family pictures. Her little brother was full of smiles from the second I walked in the door (…until we headed outside into the cold and his only interest was in tasting the collar of his jacket over and over again). HA

Professional photography sessions with a photojournalist like myself are a lot more relaxed than your typical photoshoot… Families see it as an opportunity to enjoy each others’ company, while I happen to be hanging out as well. If portraits are a priority, then we set up candid scenarios in a variety of backgrounds… plus you get a ton of candids of everyone playing together, too! I am told these documentary photography sessions feel a lot like just hanging out with a friend (who happens to be a whiz with a camera). 😉

If you’d rather scroll through the pictures from the V. family’s session at your own pace, here you go:

This sweet family’s home was beautifully decorated and tidy, but please don’t assume yours has to be the same! I encourage all my clients to clean up only as much as they typically do… because ultimately these pictures are for posterity. And your kids will relate so much more to pictures that match their own memories of their childhood- not some unfamiliar pristine version of it. Remember we can always head outside for portraits, and it’s not hard to find a clean backdrop in your backyard!

Contact me to chat about a session that works for you. Looking forward to connecting!

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