How much does a family photographer cost in Pittsburgh?

kids laughing and jumping on mom and dad as part of their fall family photo session in the north hills of pittsburgh

The cost of a family photographer in Pittsburgh ranges wildly, and really depends on the photographer’s style and level of experience you are looking for. You can easily invest several thousand dollars in products and digital files if money is no object!

However there is a Pittsburgh photographer for every budget, so if yours is really low, don’t fret! (Yes I said fret. Showing my age here HA!) You can still get pictures of your whole family together to hang on the wall and share on social media. If you are willing to take a chance on someone starting out, you can pay as low as $50 or even $0 for your session, by contacting a budding photographer who is trying to build their portfolio.

It’s important to understand, though, that in terms of quality and service, you generally get what you pay for. Sure, you may luck out with some serious talent who isn’t pricing themselves high enough (lucky you!), but generally a photographer’s rate matches the quality of product that she provides.

mom sits with her kids in a bench for a family portrait in the fall in pittsburgh

Consider, too, that your investment generally isn’t complete before your session. Once your photoshoot is done and you are reviewing dozens of pictures of your family hanging out in front of PNC Park or some other fabulous Pittsburgh location, it’s time to talk with your photographer about which products you want to invest in. Do you plan on displaying your pictures on the walls of your home, or would you prefer to look over them in an album on your bookshelf? What about social media? You may also want to invest in the full resolution digital files, as a backup in case you want to print more images in the future. All these options and more will affect the final rate that you end up paying out of pocket for your pictures.

Before you start your search for a Pittsburgh photographer, ask yourself first how important these pictures are to you. How much would you feel comfortable paying for a quality product? Remember that even if a photographer’s quote seems higher than you were initially thinking you wanted to spend, you can always ask for a payment plan to help spread the cost out… and many Pittsburgh photographers like myself offer gift certificates so that your family and friends can help cover the cost of the investment.

mom snuggling with her little girl while the boys play in the leaves with the dog, during their family photo session in pittsburgh

Your photographer’s primary goal is to make pictures that you are resoundingly happy with, so that you are shouting their name from the rooftops and bragging about how amazing they are! We want to make you ECSTATIC. So when you find a photographer whose work you love, reach out. Talk to her extensively before booking, share your goals, look through full galleries she has shot previously. Understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. Because when you go in knowledgeable with open conversation with your photographer, you are sooo much more likely to be happy with the result of the session. And that’s all we all really want, anyway!

I am happy to talk through everything at your convenience! Let’s connect. <3

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