Photography Budgets: Let’s talk $

boy sits at the window with smeared lipstick and panda bear stuffed animal, looking out the window

It’s not fun talking about the $ you invest in your family pictures, but it’s a conversation I want to have with you.

A few years ago we received four quotes to renovate our front porch, ranging by over $4k! Ultimately we hired the second most expensive contractor, because he gave us a rate that we felt matched his skills. We trusted he would do a good job. (Stick around to see the AFTER pic on our porch!)

We all have different budgets for our family pictures and that’s okay! There is a photographer for EVERY budget, I promise. The important thing is that you place the same amount of value on your photos as the price that you end up paying- like we did when we hired our contractor. (He did a pretty fab job on our porch, by the way!)

kids sit together in a window seat, reading and eating apples

Not only do I want to give you an amazing product (after 15 yrs of photographing professionally I sure hope it is!), but I more than anything want you to be happy with what you receive. Not just like-it-on-FB happy but the kind of ecstatic that has you telling everyone who will listen that you had an amazing experience with me!!! I pride myself on my dozens of 5 star google reviews, because it’s affirmation that my services have value.  I do my best every day to LISTEN to my clients. And I truly want to hear what you have to say. Because I value what I do as much as I hope you do. This is why I offer a referral program and an annual rate-lock for current clients. I encourage you to email me any questions or concerns– or if you’re all about gushing, leave a review on Google!

But back to budget… I work with families of all different lifestyles and income levels, with one thing in common: my clients TRUST me. I acknowledge and appreciate that so very much, and I want nothing more to show you your trust is in the right place.

If you value my work but aren’t sure about your budget, let’s talk. I offer payment plans to spread out the cost of the session over a longer period of time, as well as gift certificates that family and friends can gift you! Just share this link with your family and friends, and they can purchase a gift certificate for you easily online within minutes. And of course reach out with any questions. I look forward to chatting!

And for those who stuck around until the end, you get to see the finished work done on our porch! Our contractor ripped out the basic concrete structure and simple brown wood posts, then replaced it with AZEK Composite decking. We are SOOO happy with the finished product!

suburban front porch in winter

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