Family Film: An Adventure at Potter Park!

two kids sit on bench with feet dangling, looking out at potter pond, wind blowing in their hair

This April 5 was heavenly. And not just because of the sun! In the days of social distancing and being stuck at home, we feel incredibly lucky to have our ‘secret’ sanctuary, Potter Park. In 7 years I have never come across another soul there. It’s the perfect quarantine playground! The kids adore playing in the creek, skipping stones in the lake, and enjoying the quiet. And talking about Harry Potter. A lot. On Sunday April 5 we packed a picnic and headed for the peace that Potter Park brings.

No school, no house, no pressure… heavenly.

PS Stay away from my sanctuary! ?

Music: Daisy by Les Hayden, using CC license.


What are some creative ways you have been entertaining your kids??? Please enlighten me- I am desperate! ?