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Recently named me one of the top 20 best newborn photographers in Pittsburgh. About my work, they wrote:

Pamela Anticole, Photographer is a Pennsylvania-based newborn and family photojournalist with over 15 years’ experience capturing people-moments throughout the metro area of her Pittsburgh home. Ms. Anticole is an award-winning member of the FPJA and PPA who specializes in catching candid images that display the natural moments of a family having fun together. Typical sessions can be for newborns, maternity, engagements, and family events. Ms. Anticole also offers photography education workshops where parents can learn how to take memorable photos.

I didn’t know who was before they contacted me, but I still very much appreciate the recognition because they clearly made an effort to select talented photographers here in Pittsburgh from ALL styles of newborn photography. I like that kind of attention to detail. 🙂

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Here’s the thing about newborn photos… There are SO MANY ways to capture that fleeting time. You can get a stylized, heavily edited portrait of your baby with props in a studio, you can get a photographer to come to your home with props and lightly direct you, you can skip the props and head to the hospital for a Fresh 48 or birth session, or you can opt for an unposed session at home with your family. ALL ARE VALID CHOICES. I actually picked more than one style for each of my babies! 😉 The key is to find a photographer whose work you want to hang on your walls, and TALK to her about your vision. We actually like having these conversations!

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I photograph babies in your home or birth place. A session with me is relaxed and easy, and not only do you get beautiful pictures of your baby, but you get memories of your time together as well. Learn more about newborn photography and birth sessions by using the form below. I am looking forward to speaking with you!