Are REAL LIFE Sessions a good fit for you?

family decorates christmas tree together, baby girl sitting on dad's shoulders while mom laughs

Earlier this year I wrote about the four major types of photography and how they compare… you should definitely check out that post to learn how MY style of photography fits into the mix!


But you may still be wondering… Which type of photography is a good fit for YOU?

Try taking this quick quiz to see if documentary photography is your THING…

Do you feel sad sometimes that your kids are growing so quickly?

1- Nah, I can’t wait until I have the house to myself again.

5- I swear they were just born yesterday! I wish we could freeze time.


Do you find yourself taking all the pictures and wanting to be present more?

1- Pictures aren’t really important to me.

3- I love pictures of my kids but don’t like being photographed myself.

5- I’m more comfortable behind the camera, but realize that I want to exist in the photos, too- as a legacy for my kids. 


Do you like looking at photos from your childhood?

1- I’m not sure where those photos are- if they exist at all.

3- My kids like to look at those photos sometimes. I’m happy to do it with them.

5- My parents’ photos bring back all my childhood memories. I love seeing photos of my old house and toys and car.  


True or False: I want a stress-free photography experience.

1- I don’t mind the stress as long as I get flawless well posed images. 

5- Are you kidding? Absolutely! I don’t want to plan outfits, worry about weather, or bribe my kids to smile!


When the photoshoot is over and you receive your images, you’d like them to…

1- Be a great collection of photos that show you and your family looking great. Photographs are perfectly posed in a well lit studio, fit for a celebrity magazine. 

3- Depict a very happy family, well coordinated in beautiful light at the local park. 

5- Be a true depiction of you as a family, and capture real candid moments between each of you. You’d like to be able to look through the photos and see the story of your life right now. 


toddler holds giant soup ladle up to his mouth, trying to drink out of it, face covered in red sauce


OK. So how do your scores add up??


Yay!! Statistics say documentary photography would be a fantastic fit!! You really appreciate the authenticity that the documentary style offers, and are excited about having an easy low-stress experience. Let’s get started! 


There are definitely elements of documentary photography that tick your boxes, but you also really love the more relaxed lifestyle portraits outside. No problem- I offer portraits in every one of my sessions, for clients who want them! Just let me know and we’ll schedule that in!


Hmm… Not sure we would play nicely together. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for and I can put you in touch with some fantastic photographers who fit the bill!


dad smiles, holds his newborn baby for the first time, and mom rests her hand on baby's belly

Photojournalism is the art and science of telling of a story through photographs… Documentary Family Photography applies the principles of photojournalism when photographing your families in your home. It’s the perfect way to tell the story of your lives- authentically and with purpose- and it’s a true art form.

I offer documentary family sessions that ALSO include portraits (if you want them!). It is truly the most well-rounded way to get your family’s memories in print. Contact me today to learn more.


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Pamela Anticole

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Pamela Anticole is a Pittsburgh based newborn and family photographer. Her award winning style is thoughtful and emotional, and your client experience is both relaxed and fun!


Pamela will photograph your baptism, birthday party, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, or wedding in a documentary style learned as a newspaper photojournalist. It is her focus on real, natural relationships and ability to anticipate emotional candid moments that bring sensitivity to her work as a documentary photographer. Pamela is located in the Wexford area of Pittsburgh, PA and available for family photography within 45 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. She also offers photography education for parents both online and on location in person in the Pittsburgh area.