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toddler on dad's shoulders, boy in mom's arms, all laughing together and looking at each other, in front of fall foliage

Each time I photograph a family, I allow myself time to pay attention to the nuances that make them special. We all do the relationship thing differently, and I make it a priority to photograph the micro stories within each family unit, along with the big picture.

Justin and BJ have two boys, D and R, whose personalities are night and day- your classic introvert/extrovert combo. Little R wants nothing more than to play with his brother, who would be perfectly happy independently doing his own thing!

It was especially important to me that I get this one *just* right. Parenting is HARD and one of my goals with every family to show how much they are appreciated… and this mom and dad are also juggling diagnoses of autism and perthes disease. The story of their life is layered, and I wanted SO MUCH to show this balance in my photographs.

BJ, I treasure your friendship and I think your family is amazing. I hope you love your photos.

I have been photographing BJ’s family since before she and Justin were married, and it’s been such a joy to watch their family grow! I can hardly believe D is the same little dude I saw enter the world FIVE YEARS AGO. Man, they grow quickly.

D is not the first little boy on the autism spectrum that I have photographed. One of the big benefits of documentary photography sessions like these is that it allows kids

  1. lots of time to become used to having me there / comfortable with me; and
  2. little to no pressure to perform for the camera.

Remember, the goal is to capture you AS YOU ARE. No pretension here. For kids who aren’t interesting in performing, it’s a perfect fit for families looking for family photos.

The afternoon of this family’s photo session was a clear and sunny fall day, perfect for playing in their (VAST) backyard. After some family time outside, we headed in for bubbles and lounging. It just goes to show that you don’t need to plan a day chock full of activities, to receive beautiful images of your family hanging out together. All you really need is each other and a routine.

Would you envision a similar photoshoot for your family? Or would you head out on an outing? Let’s chat!

BTW I prefer the video format but if you prefer having control to flip through the images, here are my favorite 30 or so photos from their session in the gallery below…

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