The simplest of memories | My growing son

closeup of boy on the beach, looking away from the sun toward the water, medium length hair flying wildly

This is my Enzo.

Funny how with all the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken of Enzo with my fancy DSLR camera, this cell phone picture is the one I choose to represent him. There’s just something about this portrait that says Enzo to me. He is a vulnerable, wild soul.

My baby was just born yesterday, I swear, and yet we celebrate his 8th birthday soon.

People ask me why I take so many pictures. You know how poignant those First Day of School photos are- the ones that you see ALL OVER facebook for a few weeks every fall?? Because they mark the passage of time so eloquently. They are a reminder to pay attention, because this is all so fleeting.

Well, that’s why I take pictures.

boy smiles in joy as a diapered baby sits on top of him

I want to remember EVERYTHING. The way they play dolls behind the curtains, slouch in their dining chairs at the sight of squash, give the squeeziest hugs. Even the way my Luca so very much appreciates the taste of boogers.

Every year we do a day-in-the-life session, and a couple of years ago during our session my dear friend Erica took the photo below of my Enzo running down the stairs. Enzo didn’t just walk down stairs, he galloped down them, leaning heavily on the railing. It’s oddly graceful in a very high energy way.

young boy running down the stairs hanging on the railing

Two years later my big boy is too tall to gallop along the railing anymore. He now flies down ALL ENERGY but without the railing to tame him.

I am SO GRATEFUL I have this photo to pause that moment in time. 

Happy birthday, Enzo. Now STOP GROWING!!!!

boy running away from waves at the beach

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