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closeup panning action shot of boy swinging on a big disc swing at sunset, legs flailing and dirty bare feet

Another one of my images was featured on the Documentary Family Photographers (DFP) website!!

This is cool because:

  1. There are some truly jaw droppingly TALENTED people over there with the DFP.
  2. The post is about summer imagery, and I WANT SUMMER BACK.

(Did I mention the talent??)

Documentary family photography is not a new concept, but MAN has it been gaining momentum the past couple of years. Photographers are seeing the value in capturing real life, but more importantly CLIENTS are embracing it! (YAY!!) Because despite being in a digital world, we are still human. We are sentimental at heart. And hiring a documentary photographer is all about putting your memories in a time capsule. As one of my clients Ashley spoke of the photo album that we created from her session,

“I can’t say I didn’t cry! It’s so beautiful!! It’s like a little pause button.”


(Incidentally if you’re not familiar with documentary photography, you should really read this.)

It’s obvious why you would want to hire a documentary photographer for your party or wedding… You have a wedding date and you want pictures, and I can capture the emotion of the day without directing anything! As parents, we unfortunately don’t always have a natural reason that causes us to reach out to a professional photographer to photograph our lives. (We are too lost in the never-ending loads of laundry, I guess!) But our every-day experience is as important if not MORE important than those special event dates. Because for every night we dress up to attend a family dinner party, there are 350+ nights we are debating with our partners over what we are going to eat for dinner. 

It is in the EVERY DAY where our memories lie. 

Which means you will arguably treasure photographs of your family life at home WAY more than those of your kids dancing at your cousin’s wedding.

3 little kids playing with sticks and watching birds fly over a lake

Here in Pittsburgh, I am one of the only photographers dedicated to a documentary photography experience for families. So I appreciate the DFP so very much because it’s REALLY nice to have a strong network of other photographers around the globe who believe as strongly as I do in how powerful documentary imagery is for families.

We support, inspire, and help each other grow. We create a framework for the genre, and adhere to it. And we together are committed to spreading the word about how important it is to photograph our families authentically and with purpose!

Learn more about my documentary REAL LIFE family sessions here in Pittsburgh, by contacting me using the form below. I look forward to chatting! 🙂

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Pamela will photograph your baptism, birthday party, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, or wedding in a documentary style learned as a newspaper photojournalist. It is her focus on real, natural relationships and ability to anticipate emotional candid moments that bring sensitivity to her work as a documentary photographer. Pamela is located in the Wexford area of Pittsburgh, PA and available for family photography within 45 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. She also offers photography education for parents both online and on location in person in the Pittsburgh area.