Voted one of the 9 best family photographers in Pittsburgh!

1 year old baby girl leans on mama

I got an email in my inbox the other day that made me SO PROUD!!! Peerspace scoured through hundreds Pittsburgh newborn and family photographers’ work- and decided to include me in their list of the 9 best newborn and family photographers here in the steel city!

Though the recognition was of course nice, I was MOST excited about what they wrote to summarize the type of photography I provide:

“Authenticity drapes every frame Pamela Anticole creates. Specializing in authentic family-life photos, Pamela documents what it actually feels like to live your life in your home. Her work is raw and real — no standing in line, smiling perfectly. Instead, her style is more “my child is camera-shy and cuddling for support from mom,” with a grumpy face here, a joyous smile there. Whatever the reality of your day, Pamela documents it in her award-winning style.”

Peerspace, YOU GET ME.

(Check it out for yourself at Peerspace’s post 9 best family photographers in Pittsburgh.)