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two boys playing in the sprinkler in the backyard

If my kids only have 18 summers here with me, then I want them to feel as freely encouraged in their play as these two little boys do.

In our 4 hour Real Life photography session in their McCandless backyard, the Somple boys built a stick fort, played in the swings, kicked around a soccer ball, collected worms, explored a creek, played in the sand, rode a go kart, shucked corn, and danced around in the sprinkler. They’re living the life!!

I have SO MUCH RESPECT for this mom and dad for their endless patience, encouragement, and love.

Here is their story (in under 3 minutes)…

I LOVE the video format but if you prefer having control to flip through the images, here are my favorite 40 or so photos from their session in the gallery below…

I met this amazing family two years ago as our oldest boys were in kindergarten together in North Allegheny’s McKnight Elementary. I was so honored when Elana contacted me to reserve a half day family photo session for her family! Spending the day with these four in their McCandless home was truly a delight. It’s easy to see these boys are well loved, and it was SO MUCH FUN to hang out with them all.

Elana and Steve, I know raising your boys is hard and you are doing a fantastic job. You are SEEN. I hope you print and treasure these photos forever.

(PS I’m a little nervous about showing my own kids these pictures… If they see that go kart, they are SURE to want one for themselves!!)

Kids playing in water is one of my favorite things to photograph… It’s just so dynamic and always different! As the weather changes I imagine we’ll trade water for leaves and pumpkin patches. Remember that REAL LIFE sessions don’t have to be just in your home. The Somple family wandered around their neighborhood, but other families have taken me on outings downtown or to amusement parks. A great idea for a photography session in the fall would be a trip to the local pumpkin patch! Soergels and Simmons Farm are right up the road, too.

I work out of the Wexford area, but am happy to photograph your family within a 1 hour radius of the city. As sessions book out a couple months in advance, contact me now to reserve your spot!

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