One Day to Remember

african american dad chasing his little girl in wave pool

Let’s talk about One Day to Remember (ODTR), a non-profit organization here in Pittsburgh. The amazing folks of ODTR provide meaningful memories for children of a parent suffering from a life-limiting illness. Qualifying families are given a full day of fun here in Pittsburgh- complete with limo, a fantastic outing, and delicious food.

I think this organization is awesome. Because it’s about the KIDS.

Research shows that 24% of adults with cancer are parenting children younger than 18 years, equating to approximately 3 million children having a parent with cancer. THREE MILLION CHILDREN who are tagging along to constant doctors appointments and wrestling with fear and mortality at way too young an age.

ODTR gives those kids ONE FULL DAY without treatments/appointments/worry/cost. A full day of fun to create memories together.

mom and daughter laughing together as they get a pedicure in a nail salon

For every family outing a local photographer volunteers his/her services to document the occasion. We tag along and photograph all the love, the hugs, the normalcy of it all. And then we hand those memories over to them.

Photographing these sessions is a big fat reminder that documentary photography is important. That what I do matters.

Learn more about volunteering with ODTR here!