(5) FPJA Awards!

photo of toddler standing on toilet watching dad shave in bathroom

I am a proud member of the Family Photojournalist Association (FPJA), a professional organization for family photographers who work in a photojournalistic style. The focus is on natural, unposed moments captured in a documentary way.

This Spring I entered several of my images into the FPJA’s image competition, and was excited to learn that 5 of my photos earned awards!

  • Gold medallion = all 4 judges selected the image
  • Blue medallion = 3 judges selected the image
  • Purple medallion = 2 judges selected the image

The FPJA awards are juried by four notable working newspaper photojournalists and picture editors in the news industry. Learn more about the judges here… Denny Simmons, Eric Strachan, Jeanie Adams-Smith, Susan Walsh

Thank you so much to the judges for sharing their talent with us, and to the FPJA for continuing to support family photojournalists and encourage growth in this important photography niche.