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dog shakes water off itself, onto woman paddling boar

Mary Beth is another documentary photographer here in the Pittsburgh area; she photographed my family last spring and now it is my turn to repay the favor and photograph hers! I think I got the better end of this deal, though, because she and her husband and three boys live on a farm with a LAKE and CHICKENS. I may have been out of my element, but I was in photo HEAVEN.

Mary Beth homeschools her three boys, and their daily life is more unstructured than my own. Her goal was for me to capture how it feels for the boys to grow up in their simple paradise… They canoe / kayak, swim, wander in the yard, swing, take care of the chickens, and relax on the porch. So of course I HAD to participate in all of those activities, too! 😉

It was next to impossible to narrow down these hundreds of photos for the blog, so I pulled together a bunch of my favorites in the video below, which I hope gives a juicy glimpse into the rich life these boys share with their parents. I know every time I watch it, I want to return (yes, Mary Beth, I’m coming back and bringing my kids, too!).

My top 30 or so photos are in the gallery below… Enjoy 🙂

I joined the M. Family for just over 2 hours, to capture a glimpse of what their daily life is like at this point in time. Their story told in the photos above is 100% unscripted and undirected. That means I just hung out with my camera, while they went about their normal daily life.

The great thing about REAL LIFE sessions is how customizable they are. What do you MOST want to remember about your life right now? Maybe you work reeeaally hard at parenthood and you’re exhausted and you just want the validation/reminder that you’re doing an amazing job and you are LOVED? Or perhaps you are moving soon and want a tangible document of this part of your life, before you start fresh elsewhere? Or your partner/spouse works most nights, and you want some documentation of the special time you share with your kiddos at bedtime? The story is YOURS. Let’s talk about what you want to get out of your photos, and how I can help you.

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