FAQ’s about REAL LIFE Sessions

1. What exactly is a REAL LIFE session?

REAL LIFE sessions (day-in-the-life or documentary) are 100% directed by your ordinary lives, not staged by me. I am just there to photograph your real life as authentically as possible, to document your story… before it changes.

It’s the easiest photoshoot ever… no need to plan out outfits or clean your house or bribe your kids to smile. You just hang out in your own house or normal haunts!

More details here!

2. What kind of photographer are you?

Clients have described my work as full of truth and emotion. My goal with every photoshoot is to create a body of images that together tell the authentic story of your lives at THIS point in time. I do not try to get that one forced shot with everyone looking at the camera and smiling- not unless it happens naturally, that is! Life with kids is wonderfully chaotic, and that’s the story that is told through your photographs.

little boy in yellow shirt and sweatpants, carefully walking through the tire ruts in a dirt road, leading through a path in the woods

3. We’re boring and our house is a mess. 

Parents are always gushing over how much they love these day in the life sessions, then the messy/boring thing comes up.

Please remember that children have waaaay different perspectives than we do. Although you may think your day to day life is boring, your children will want to remember the way it felt to sit on the counter and mash the potatoes. They will want to remember how they’d climb up onto your foot and latch around your leg, while you’re trying to prep dinner. How it felt to climb up into bed with you while you are sleeping. And YOU will want to remember how tiny and trusting those little hands were, reaching up for yours. And how damn hard you worked and how much love you gave. THESE are the moments that make up the story of your life right now. Trust me, even if we’re just doing laundry, getting dressed, and making lunch- there will be SO many moments there.

As for the mess? Leave it! I’m a mama, too. I get it! I will NEVER judge, because I’m deep in the trenches of that parenthood thing, too! One of these days your house will be clean… and your kids will be gone and all you’ll have is these pictures to remember this crazy time.


4. Where and when will my session be held?

REAL LIFE sessions are held rain or shine. We are typically shooting at least in some part at your home, along with any outings you decide to do!

5. How long will this session take?

Kids seldom tire of Real Life sessions, as they see me more of a tagalong family friend than a photographer. Your family activities will drive the action and I am just along for the ride!


6. What should we wear?

Get comfortable! Wear what you usually wear! This is one of the perks of a documentary photoshoot- no need to plan on coordinating outfits! This is REAL LIFE.

7. What kinds of images will I get from my session?

I want to create photos that make you FEEL, photographs that – like a poignant smell – will spark memory upon memory, bringing you back to this wonderfully chaotic point in your life.

I’d love to share some sample galleries for you! Check out the B. family (a 4-hr REAL LIFE session) and the P. family (a 2-hr REAL LIFE session with Portrait add-on).

8. Do you have a referral program?

My business relies heavily on strong word of mouth referrals and I very much appreciate my clients! Each of my previous clients will receive a studio gift when one of their personal referrals books with me. Read more about my Client Referral Program here.

grandma helps toddler brush his teeth before bed, in the bathroom sink

9. Do I get digital files with purchase of a REAL LIFE Session?

You will definitely have the option to purchase digital files- they make a fantastic backup for your prints and albums!

By default your session fee will include photography coverage, an online proofing gallery of curated images, and low-resolution watermarked files for social media. You can also purchase albums, prints, and digital files once the session is complete.


11. How do I book a session with you?

I’m happy you asked! You can contact me using the form below, or by emailing me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

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