How to Download Your Photos from your Session Gallery

One of the questions I receive the MOST from clients is

“I can’t figure out how to download my photos from my gallery. When I right click on an image, the system won’t let me save. Can you please help?”

YES I hear you and want to help! I have put together a quick How-To video (below) to walk you through the download steps. Just have your computer ready when watching, and you should be downloading all of your photos in no time!

Soooo assuming you have purchased print rights to your photos, then there is NO NEED to try to right click or screenshot the photos. Those screen grabs would be super low quality, anyway, and why bother when you have the big kahuna at your fingertips in full resolution!

(As a side note, I host all of my client galleries on Smugmug. So if you request that the system send ALL of your photos at once, the email will come from an account called Smugmug Digital Files. If you don’t see the email within an hour or two, check your spam folders!)

Hopefully these tips cover all the bases, but if I missed something and/or you still have questions, let’s talk!




Hi! This is Pamela Anticole with Pamela Marie Photography here in Pittsburgh. Today I am going to show you the fastest and simplest way for you to download your photos from your session gallery.

So the first thing that you’ll need to do is open up a browser. I use Safari, however Chrome or Internet Explorer would work just as well. Go to your gallery itself either by clicking on the link from my blog or in an email that I send you or just copying and pasting it into the address bar. Once you enter in the password and click “Let me in” we will be able to access all of the photos in your gallery. So you have two options here.  You can either download all of the photos at once, or you can do one or two at a time. If you want to download all the photos at once it is as simple as clicking on this little icon right here, the arrow that points down at a horizontal line. Once you do so you enter in your email address and click send email. The system will email you a file directly that once you download it you can unzip and have all of the photos from your gallery directly onto your computer.

The second option is to download individual photos one at a time. To do that find the image that you want to download, click on the image, and then once it loads nice and large like this you’ll see that same logo on the bottom right side of the screen, of the arrow pointing down to the horizontal line. Click on that and the photo will download to your computer. You should be able to open it up directly from there once it finishes downloading. Now if you want to know – and it’s taking a second to load – okay there it is. If you want to know where exactly it downloads to, if you’re not sure where on your computer files are downloaded to off the internet, you can do so by going into the Preferences menu of your browser. It will tell you somewhere in that menu. Safari tells it on the main page, file download location. For me it is in my downloads folder. It may be some other location for you.

So that is it. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me an email at Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy your pictures!

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