Bellwood Mini Sessions

I am pretty flipping excited to share these photographs!

Mini sessions are tough, and not just because the lighting conditions are often less than ideal. Mainly because the 20 minutes allotted gives VERY little time to bond with the kids enough to get them to open up to the camera. Usually in full sessions I’ll hang out for at least 20 minutes before I even pick up the camera! But these kids did FANTASTIC (oh, yes, and their parents, too). 😉 Sure, some were camera shy and others defiant even. But either way what PERSONALITY!

You can tell these are my favorite photos, because these families’ unique personalities really shone through. I would be honored to photograph these families again next year!

PS Since completing the sessions I saw two of these kiddos out and about and they were SO excited to see me! I felt like a rock star!!! I have the best job ever, really.

(Slideshow below may take a second to load)



PPS Bellwood families can access their full galleries here, using the password provided.