Currently offering family sessions!

In my most recent newsletter I announced an early bird discount on my new Documentary Family Sessions. And I am SOOOOO excited!!

Until recently I turned down inquiries for family sessions, mainly because I imagined myself behind the camera of a traditional portrait session in the park… pressure hanging heavy in the air for all to cooperate for the *just* perfect everybody-smiling-at-the-same-time snapshot. Complete with child bribery and walking on eggshells to prevent toddler meltdowns. No, thanks. I was happy to hand those off.

But the truth is, I LOVE photographing my husband and kids. They’re one of my favorite subjects! The difference is that I photograph EVERYTHING- not just smiles but tears and arguments and cuddles and yes, even tantrums. I photograph our LIFE.

And I treasure those photos as an authentic document of who we are in this moment. Because I know that this moment becomes the next one, and my memory fades, and my kids start to brush their own teeth and stop holding my hand and are ok donating their stuffed animal collection to goodwill… and then I will desperately miss my babies. And I will want to relive all this NOW through my photographs.

And why shouldn’t you have thoughtful documentation of your beautiful life, too???

Contact me to book your family session now. Now through August 31, 2018 I am offering an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, only $365 for your 2 hour documentary session, including digital files and a print credit. Ask for details!