What exactly is Documentary Photography?

Documentary photography is telling WHAT IS with your camera, photographing the real world without directing or intruding on the scene. And doing all of that in an emotional, artistic way.

Take my kids, for example. They are like little prisms of personality- so incredibly complex and radiant. I need dozens of photos to reflect all the crazy facets of their personality, to tell their full story. I haven’t met a kid yet who wouldn’t melt down in the same minute they’d give sweet sticky hugs to mommy! My kids are no exception. So I photograph it all. All the REAL, the RAW, the SILLY, the SWEET, the POIGNANT, the EVERYDAY.


What do I do with these pictures? Well, I print them, of course. For albums and for my walls. I surround myself with them. They make me happy.

(Do these pictures give you all the feels, too? I offer 2, 4, and 8 hour documentary sessions… Contact me for more info!)