Happy Birthday to my girl

Today is my beautiful little girl’s fourth birthday. Hard to believe it’s only been 4 years since she almost joined the world in the front seat of our Sorento. 😉 This kid’s got a legacy.

I’ve never met a little girl with more empathy, generosity, and affection. With two brothers she’s hardly gentle, but her heart is. She is creative and thoughtful and goofy and sweet. She is full of so many “you’re nice” comments that I can’t help but be so, even when I’m not feeling so nice. She improves me in every way.

Maya took this image of me as we were out for a winter walk in North Park the other day, just the two of us. I love it so much more than all the images I took of her that afternoon. I don’t see myself here, just all the promise wrapped up in this tiny little human we somehow managed to perfectly create. And who I am so excited to know better every year.

And did I mention? My heart smiles when she says she wants to be a ‘tographer. And she just may.

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