Frosty warm

I’ve never been much of a winter person- I’m a fall girl because of the rich warm colors, and winter always seemed so desolate- but this project has me paying closer attention… and I am surprised at how warm winter can feel when it is bathed in rich warm tones of light!

(If only my fingertips felt as warm 😉 )

Last week I was dropping the kids off at school after fresh snow, when the sun decided to come out. I was inspired, and could barely wait until my partner would make it home from his day job so I could head out with my camera.

*Finally* that afternoon at Potter Pond there was *just* enough light left to create this beautiful image of the woods by the lake. I used a long exposure with controlled movement to create a painterly effect of the trees bathed in light, then used another exposure of the frozen lake to really give it that frosty feel.

One of my new favorites for sure. Winter’s really starting to grow on me.

Professional prints of this image available for purchase here.

intentional camera movement, double exposure, experimental landscape photography, warm abstract winter art, potter pond, pittsburgh nature art, original pittsburgh artist

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