Backyard blizzard

As the storm passed overhead, the kids and I cuddled up inside drinking hot cocoa and playing games (who am I kidding, the kids were probably ripping each other apart while I tried to use the bathroom). Either way, I was camera-less that day. Until nap time, that is… While the kids were sleeping soundly (er, pounding on each others’ doors and stealing books from each others’ rooms), I snuck out to the back deck for some pictures. Wasn’t much of a scene so I had to use some camera movement / multiple exposure combos to create some magic. Pretty happy with the finished product. How’s this for a backyard blizzard?

ANYWAY… I’ll be at the Art Bazaar tonight and tomorrow, at the Lauri Ann West Community Center. Come by and say hello!

(This image and all of my fine art photography is available for sale IN MY ETSY SHOP. If there’s not already a listing for this print, LET ME KNOW and I’ll create one for you!)

abstract winter christmas scene, foggy evergreens

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