Abstract evergreen at sunset

For our last minute sunset walk my oldest son pleaded with me to leave my camera at home. He wanted to hold my hand and bond. I probably should have taken his cue and overwhelmed him with hugs and kisses. But with this sunset how could I?? So we made a deal: I would only photograph the scenes on our walk that he selected. By giving him control I figured we’d bond with photography instead of hand-holding. Our deal felt like a means to an end.

This particular tree, though, was my request… He decided I would be allowed to photograph it as long as I first photographed a fire hydrant and a big red Christmas bow on the fence down the street. Which I did with a reluctant smile. Afterward we sprinted up the hill so I could catch this image before we lost the color in the sky, squealing together the whole way. It really was a bonding experience. In hindsight I’d say the shot- though I love it- was the means, not the end. My boy has asked me twice since then for photography sunset walks.

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